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Marcus Jundt|Business Leader|Solid Experience|
Integrity|Passion|Vision|Positive Change for Williston

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A Leader with Experience:
Marcus Jundt
for Mayor
With over 20 years solid, proven experience in business, finance, & management, Jundt is the most qualified candidate to lead Williston as your next Mayor.
      Elect Jundt for Positive Change:

Positive Change = unlimited opportunity
Together we will find affordable housing solutions
Are you aware Williston has borrowed $140 million
for community investment
As a community, continue to improve quality of life
Let's run our local government with transparency

Marcus Jundt wants to hear your opinions & get to know you. Every Monday, he hosts two public meetings at Noon & 6:00 pm with food provided. Come & be heard.

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"Either we take control of our challenges or our challenges will take control of us."

Jundt has years of proven experience with a background in business, finance,  entrepreneurship and management, making him the most qualified candidate to successfully manage the high-growth, fast changing environment in Williston.

In 2012, Jundt moved to Williston and founded the Williston Holding Company (WHC) which is headquartered here. Locally, WHC's flagship restaurant is the Williston Brewing Company, and WHC also owns/operates the restaurants J Dubs; Gramma Sharon's; and Doc Hollidays.


Over the course of his career, he has worked with and started successful companies of all sizes, helping to create jobs for people and families across the country, including Williston.


This visionary thinker is a leader that knows how to inspire people & organizations to work together and reach common goals. He is true to his word, honest, and conducts his business and personal life with integrity. Marcus Jundt is passionate about Positive Change and the potential that Williston has to offer. To read Jundt's complete bio, click here.


Marcus wants to hear from you.
Marcus Jundt wants to get to know you and learn what you think will make Williston an even better place to live.
Every Monday, he hosts two public meetings and everyone is invited to drop by, share their opinions and have down-to-earth discussions about life in North Dakota. Food, coffee & sodas are provided. Every Monday at Noon (Gramma Sharon's) and 6:00 pm (Williston Brewing Company). Stop by, no reservation needed. Complete info at the Mondays with Marcus Meetings page.

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